Bark Mulch

Tyngsboro Landscape Center offers a variety of superior bark mulches, with unbeatable quality, color, and texture. Our mulches are a top choice among homeowners and landscapers alike.



Customers agree: the finely textured, 100% pure Hemlock Bark Mulch we offer is one of our most distinctive products. With it’s signature red-brown color, this beautiful mulch is especially striking against an evergreen background.


Black Mulch is a mixture of softwoods, including northern white cedar, and is tinted with black, environmentally safe colorant. This fine textured mulch provides a striking contrast to brightly colored flowers, gardens and lawns.



Red Cedar

Red Cedar Mulch is made of northern white cedar, finely ground and tinted with environmentally safe colorant. It has an aromatic and long-lasting characteristic as well as the added benefit of repelling some bugs. 



A mix of hemlock, pine, spruce and fir with a delightful pine scent. This mulch is color-enhanced to give it the look of pure hemlock and processed to the same fine texture, making it a popular alternative.


Dark Mix

Dark Pine Spruce Bark Mulch is a blend of spruce and fir bark that is aged to a rich, dark brown. With the wonderful spruce scent, this mulch compliments any garden or landscape. Dark Pine Spruce Bark Mulch is an all natural mulch with no colorant added.


Playground Chips

Certified, all-natural, and great for both private and public playgrounds, parks and walkways. Our Playground Chips are ideal for playground surfacing by providing excellent shock absorption that offers a beautiful appearance and easy installation.